DEMOLAND: The Brimstone Days - Flowers And Rainbows

BluesRock from Sweden
The Brimstone Days - Get It On

The Brimstone Days aim to be the live band with enough energy to get the listener and the audience caught up in a euphoric thrill. With clear influences from the 70s and with catchy tunes, they deliver retro-rock with a modern twist to dance to.

On the road of becoming The Brimstone Days many genres, plectrum and sticks have been worn out, and this not without result. The two original members, HÃ¥kan and Johannes, both feel they are heading towards something big.

After the recordings of the EP "Flowers and Rainbows" during spring 2009 bass player Elias Dellow decided to leave the band. In the beginning this drop-out was tough for the remaining band members since the band now wasn't the power trio they used to be. Shortly thereafter there was a new spark when bass player Hampus Hallgard joined and again the power trio was ready to deliver.

With the EP recorded and a live show that will take you to the flowers and the rainbows, The Brimstone Days has their minds set for bringing you tons of energy next time you catch them at a show, they now stand ready to conquer the stage.

Track List 

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