REVIEW: Marble Sheep - Green

PsychedelicRock from Japan
Marble Sheep - Through The Window

Lying in the heat, sweating... dead birds flying, outside, dark clouds turn with a touch of white, now overtaking.... I lay here, only to soak up the sweat now that I have pissed, the sun soon to dry my body. The strumming of a guitar, Marble Sheep opens my eyes, the crowd around me in a trance, the band has started us on a journey, a New Horizon.

A slow jam, heavy psych, words come across at the 9 minute mark, but the music is what is important here... mesmerizing the audience, keeping us all safe. A perfect beginning, dual guitars over lapping each other, the drums soft yet ready to explode. A feeling of what was once, a time long ago, the music of this opening song, has started us on our way.

Through the Window is another nice slow jam, reminiscent of an earlier Neil Young voyage. Slow feedback guitars, in the mood drums, a late 60's aura wrapped around a current band calling out to yesterday's better times. As the show continues, Marble Sheep break off into an up-tempo instrumental, the Secret Chief II. Again they display their heavy psych feedback guitars for a panicked 4 mins. It's the heaviest, noisiest moment on this record, in this show.

As quickly as the music was breaking down the walls, suddenly a Perfect Ocean arrives, a beautiful instrumental acoustic number, it opens the sky full, sets the sun at its peak. It creates the softest moment for Marble Sheep here. Finally we come to the end of the show, and the crowd is ready. The Rabbit In The Moon, feedback forced full out heavy psych, drawn out voices, a continuation of the theme of this record of this show.

Marble Sheep, Green, is a record shaped in the late 60's, early 70's. With it's slowed down, yet heavy paced feedback, one comes to think of the days past, when bands were into psychedelic(s) & played heavy psychedelic music. Would I consider this to be a mellow affair? Yes, but with a heavy groove, loose jam freestyle form of creativity. it's one of the better "retro" albums one can hear & should hear.

Reviewed by Will Bissonette

Track List 

01 New Horizon (Horizon)
02 Through The Window
03 The Secret Chief II
04 Perfect Ocean
05 Rabbit In The Moon

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