DEMOLAND: Skraeckoedlan - Flykten Från Tellus

StonerRocK from Sweden
Skraeckoedlan - From the Sea They Come

We are four guys playing music that we really find grooyv and heavy, with all the lyrics in swedish. The reason for that is that we think that it gives an another dimension to the sound, and psychedelicness.

In the late september of 2009 we went to Örebro in sweden and recorded our first EP,  "Flykten från tellus" (the escape from earth) in Bombshelter studios, with Oskar Cedermalm of Truckfighters as our producer/technician.

Its a 5 track EP with a abstract concept about the environmental issues going on, with the polarices melting and all, and in the EP, that leads to a big horrorlizard beeing awakened from the ice, and beguns to demolish earth.
And that is also what the name Skraeckoedlan means, horrorlizard.

Skraeckoedlan will hit the studio in January to Record their 1st Full Lenght Album ,put it in your FUZZ diary for 2011.

Track List in English

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