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DoomRocK from the UK
Wiht - And the Thunder Rolls

It's always nice to get something in the mail that you, you know nothing about! Wiht are a new three piece to emerge from Leeds England. It's kind of weird, how certain parts of the world deliver particular styles of rock, Majority of the stuff I receive from England is of the doom variety and never seems to stray from this genre. But Wiht have managed to set free an EP that is not only interesting but to a degree somewhat moving!

At first I was stranded on this EP, is it what I think it is, or is it... But after a few listens and time away from the record I found myself back in there groove seat and found new confidence in what Wiht was trying to portray on this massive three song EP. Majority of the songs start out full faced, hard hitting traditional stoner rock styled, but as you get deeper in the songs the mood changes to a more moving sedate like post doom style.

Wiht have no trouble writing songs, there structure of songs is impeccable, perfectly balanced but somewhat depressing, with every power riff there is a die down waiting to knock you down on your ass and leave you sort of feeling perplexed! Describing Wiht's sound is not easy! I would say if you took Jecano, Sleep, Yob and added some ISIS, 5ive and Paik you would have a pretty good image of what Whit's sound is about.

Wiht as a three piece work perfectly together, there sound is massive and the way the music is structured has no need what so ever for a vocalist. Instrumental bands have the hardest gig as artists, there music must capture you in every sense of the word, what Wiht have done here on their first EP should be applauded, not only have they only been jamming since October of 2009 they have managed to produce an honest no frills EP that is totally worth every penny spent.

Wiht strike me as a band that would destroy live! This EP is near live sounding, they haven't opted for extra baggage in the mix, no over dubs, and excessive guitar heroics just true honest ROCK! These guys can definitely play, but special mention goes to Rick Contini on drums! He does and miraculous job and is the back bone of the band and definitely the key to why Wiht don't ever stray to boredom status.

This is not an EP you would play at parties etc, it's far more intimate , more a solitude record and a record that should be listened in its entirety in the right mood , lights dimmed no interruptions oil projector and a bowl of god's gift you get my drift :). Wiht will be a band to watch for, this EP will pave long and prosperous journey for them both, live and in the studio. If a band that has only been together for such a short time can produce a self recorded self funded EP of this magnitude then the future looks bright. I encourage you all to pick up this EP  I urge you all to look outside the square and open your minds to what Wiht have to offer! Great job guys, looking forward to the next chapter

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

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