REVIEW: Stone Oak Cosmonaut - Out Of Orbit

PsychedelicRock from the Netherlands
Stone Oak Cosmonaut - A Light In The Dark

Stone Oak Cosmonaut is a relatively new and impressive Dutch band and with endless Dutch bands producing quality rock sounds these cats are no exception! Think Space Rock like Hawkwind's moods swirls and grooves, throw in some classic stoner riffage with a hint of the good ol' days metal and you have a pretty good idea what you're going to get yourself into here.

Out Of Orbit is a solid slab of old school meets new terrain, "Keph- Tun" is the opening track a beautiful blend of swirling effects mixed with big dirty metallic over driven guitars. Von Trippenhof's Vocals come across kind of rough and behind in the mix, you could almost think you were hearing Wino sing at times.

"Away In The Laikia" is one of my favourite tracks on Out Of Orbit. Again Bubbly Cosmic Electronic tripscapes leading into a classic chugging riff that holds all the classic Dutch tone we have all come to love in this scene. Think Spirit Caravan meets Candy Bar Planet with LSD planted firmly under two eyelids and your set for the perfect voyage.
"A Light In The Dark" Can only be described as EPIC a Space rock master piece! Magical chilled out electronic interludes blanket your ears complimented with eerie floating chilled chords. The percussion carries you through a wall of uncertainty as if you are about to enter another world! Von Trippenhof's Lyrics echo through your head "Together we will make foot prints on the moon"

Then just when you are comfortably numb HEAVINESS erupts 35007 styled, power driven balls to the wall fuzz with Dual leads, and massive percussion !A back breaking Bass driven power stomper that leaves you in a crazed euphoric state!
The Equally Amazing two part Out of Orbit "Part 1 Earthless" and "part 2 Star Voyage" follows, this is truly a listening experience pretty much flowing back and forth into the same kind of elements as described in the earlier songs but a lot more jammed out and in a sense I guess what space rock is known for! Loads of space overdubs and enough riffs, jams and twists to keep you in constant awe!

Stone Oak Cosmonaut has really produced a master piece here a mind blowing and body levitating experience that will definitely appeal to a broad range of listeners. It's hard to believe this is Stone Oak Cosmonaut's debut release; they come across as seasoned veterans to the space/fuzz world. Fans of First Band From Outer Space, Earthless and Spirit Caravan will surely lap this record up. There's only one more thing to say" Pack your moon boots, grab your space cakes and say good bye to loved ones and jump on the epic Stone Oak star voyage ASAP! "

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

Track List

01 Keph-Tun
02 A Circle Run
03 Away In Laika
04 A Light In The Dark
05 The Gift Of The Eyeless Merchant
06 Earthless
07 Star Voyage
08 Reborn Again
09 Oh Yeah
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