REVIEW: The Forty Moostachy

Three Rooms, Some Songs, The Snow And A Suitcase Full Of Bones
Rock from Italy
The Forty Moostachy- Dead Man in the Bathroom

Like Clint Eastwood riding a black horse made of stone this three piece band from Italy (two boys and a girlie) pops up. I have never heard of them before and honestly this is not my kind of music but it's not that bad anyway.

Add Queens of the stone age, MC5, 16 Horse Power, a little bit of punk rock, some good old country rock and spice it up with a bit of psyche, all together in a blender and mix it for about an hour...the result: The forty moostachy!

The debut album "Three rooms, some songs, the snow and a suitcase full of bones" by The forty moostachy delivers much of everything and why not wear just five of these Forty moostachy's and leave the other 35 behind?! would fit you much better ( my oppinion). Well, the album have some goodies such as the opening track Dead man in the bathroom and The man on the motorcycle both includes a warm fuzzy guitar sound with some garage vibes along with some wah wah. I think something's missing...i need more power and intensity, more bad ass rock'n roll. Track no.5, "The Man Is Running Fast" is like Willie Nelson on meth...what the hell is he running for?...gettin' his crack pipe?

My fav song on "Three rooms..." are "Jimmy the cat", i guess i can like it even more after a few spins more as long as Jimmy don't piss all over the floor. Once again Jimmy needs to pump some irons to reach the highest score. Track no.9, "The man in the car" it starting to get schitzophrenic...damn where is my pills, i'm getting an nervous breakdown. Piano masturbation along with some crazy vocals, it must be their "crazy song". I hope that The Forty Moostachy get these missing parts together in future.

Enough "shit running" for one day, and as i said before this isn't that bad. If you're preaching bands like MC 5, Ramones, QOTSA, Dapunksportif etc. you will like this one to i guess. If you're interested of bying it just visit

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Black Nutria

Track List

01 Dead Man in the Bathroom
02 The Man On The Motorcycle
03 Where Is The Man
04 The Pupil
05 The Man Is Running Fast
06 Jimmy The Cat
07 Rouge Fouland
08 The Killer Has Got The Hand
09 The Man In The Car
10 Made Of Bones
11 Pink Little Toffee
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