REVIEW: Lord of the Grave - Raunacht

Cruisy Doom from Switzerland

Attention all bong loaders out there, this one's for you!!!

From out of nowhere and straight from the grave this monstrosity hits the face of the earth. A friend of mine told me to check Lord of the grave on my space, and i did. My first reaction was WOW, this is brilliant! Two fingers in the air!

On Lord Of The Grave's first album release "Raunacht" (rough night in english) you get five tracks of fornication and pure hell, this three-piece torture device from Switzerland makes Jesus Christ turn up side down.
"Raunacht" opens with the killer track "Holy Vitus" and roars on with "Ghosts Of The Pyre" huge unclean riffings, fuzzy guitars and moaning vocals...this is what doom metal is all about and this time you get it all!'s like Sleep having a party with the dead and SATAN as the dj and if you're into bands like Electric Wizard, Church Of Misery and Sleep you will probably love this album.

My personal favourites "Lord Of The Grave" and title track "Raunacht" are huge, like banging on shit, the sound is raw and basic and together these two monsters of doom gives you a nearly 20 minute lesson in civil insubordination. The front cover art work depics a hairy demonic creature with long horns and suits the music quite well...the whole package feels well-laid. Their sound is perfect for this kind of music!

I hate to say this, the only "bad" thing about "Raunacht" is the amount of songs i have prefered eight or even nine tracks on the album but who am i to blae with this outstanding album in hand.

I love to hate and Lord Of The Grave keeps me going, do yourself a favour and buy "Raunacht" at or
Your mother-in-law will hate you for doing it, and as we all know THAT'S A GOOD SIGN!

The "lord" pisses on every grave in sight and leave no one unmoved.

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

The Church Within Records
CD Universe

Track List

01 Holy Vitus
02 Ghosts Of The Pyre
03 Lord Of The Grave
04 Bardo
05 Raunacht

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