DEMOLAND: Paranoid Earthling - Rock 'N Roll Is My Anarchy

Paranoid Earthling, one of the leading rock bands in Sri Lanka, was formed in early 2001 with four college friends from Kandy. Since the beginning, Paranoid Earthling's passionate song-writing and instant accessibility has helped them to rise to the top within the local Rock industry. Their unique sound is always unmatched and their fervent cravings to flirt with Post-grunge, Punk, Funk, 70's Retro-Blues, Psychedelic elements and Industrial landscapes have contributed to their flamboyant palette and dynamic sound. With no line-up change to-date, their energetic and charismatic live performances have helped them to become one of the biggest bands in the Island.

Their self produced debut EP "Rock n' Roll is my Anarchy" has sold out in and around Sri Lanka (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives & India to name a few) along with countless amounts of downloads. All three songs on the debut EP, 'In Black & White' from the EP "Playtime Music" and their latest release 'Bringing down the Sun' have reached No.1 position in the local Rock Charts. In addition songs like 'Highway', 'Half Cast', 'God's Gone Postal', 'Deaf, Blind, Dumb' and 'Sophia' also have become favorites amongst the Earthling fans through live concerts.

Their Videos for '69' and 'Bringing down the Sun' (released for the International Peace Day 2008) were premiered on local TV (Art TV & YA TV) and the video of the live concert 'Bed Sex and a tad bit of Chaos' has reached over 12,000 hits on along with other live videos and bootlegs.

Central to Paranoid Earthling's music is the political economic and socio-cultural issues surrounding the day-to-day life of an average Sri Lankan youth. The composition derives from personal experiences as well as from contemporary political and social issues at large. Many youth have found refuge in Paranoid Earthling's rebellious song-writing as it gives them a voice. By questioning concepts such as democracy, violence, conflict, religion and social hierarchies, their music calls for social change and transformation.

Currently the band has completed all their tracks for their Full length Debut album and recording is in progress.

Track List

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