REVIEW: Grifter - Self Titled (Ripple Music)

Heavy Rock from the UK
Grifter - Good Day for Bad News

Grifter fires on all cylinders on their new self-titled album. Full of hooky boogie rock, soulful and sincere vocals, and boasting a mammoth sounding production. Having a couple EP's under their belt, the time is right to finally show the world that Grifter means business, with their first full length album.

Right from the get-go, this UK based trio comes out swinging, and pummels your ear hole with a barrage of bluesy riffs and booty shaking time signatures. Taking the usual influences of bands like KISS, AC/DC and Motörhead and brewing them up with the more modern soundings of Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity, is really nothing new you might be thinking, but these guys do it better and with more finesse then most of the bands out there.

Sounding dirty and raucous, this is the perfect soundtrack to a night of debauchery. I can imagine walking into any random strip club with this blasting out of the speakers or just chillin' with some friends at a bbq. Either way you slice it, this is party music and has that certain something that will keep you coming back for repeat listens. Thanks to the fine folks over at Ripple Music for stamping this to plastic. Look for an October 4th release for this album of sonic majesty, both digitally and on CD. Cheers!
by Adam Walsh

Track List
01 Good Day for Bad News
02 Alabama Hotpocket
03 Asshole Parade
04 Strip Club
05 Young Blood, Old Veins
06 Bucktooth Woman
07 Preacher and the Devil
08 Bean
09 Piss and Gas
10 Unwelcome Guest
11 Gone Blues

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