REVIEW: Sweetkiss Momma - Revival Rock

Southern Rock from the USA
Sweetkiss Momma - Son of the Mountain

Long gone are the times when superb, soulfull Southern Rock couldn't be found anywhere but in the southern states. Well that's changed, boys 'n gals! North Americas best Southern Rock posse hail from the north, Puyallup, Washington to be exact.

With a catching name like SweetKiss Momma, this five piece have released a modern rock classic. Where many contemporary Southern Rock bands tend to mix their music with other styles, like country & western or Pantera-clone metal, SweetKiss Momma really bring the rock. Enhanced by some of the best vocals I've heard within the genre, there's not one single weak song on fittingly named ''Revival Rock''.

Hell...this sounds like a best-of album and not as a debut. Twelve songs about all the classic themes, influenced by all the heroes that made this style of rock the ultimate feel-good-trip!
by Joe Kolinsky

Track List
01 Ready To Go
02 Son of the Mountain
03 Slow Fade
04 Mercy Love
05 Rocket Ride
06 Strange Fire
07 Sweet Little Thing
08 Ounce Left of Pride
09 Sugar In the Raw
10 Come Clean
11 Good God Woman
12 To Help A Man

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