REVIEW: Hooded Priest - Devil Worship Reckoning

Doom from the Netherlands
Hooded Priest - Alibi

The BOOM of DOOM continues.
The birth rate of new disciples has rarely been so high, but where most bands try to sound exactly like Sabbath or St. Vitus, Netherlands Hooded Priest have combined a number of styles and influences into their own take on the doom genre.
You will of course still be able to hear some Iommi worship here and there, but that's kind of impossible to avoid, agreed? So instead of just copying the masters of old, this five-piece keep your attention alive with mixing traditional and epic doom with the harder aspects of the truly best NWOBHM.

Sounding like early era Candlemass in one moment, in the next they (sometimes rather unexpectedly) shift into a Diamond Head-ish full out gallop and back to occult doom. It's tight (what a rhythm section!!), it's mean and the variation on this album is fucking great. Especially the guitar work stands out and is high above average. The vocal work is excellent and just like the music itself varies a lot.

Singer Finlay sometimes sounds possessed and travels through desperation...anger...madness.  I wish the producer would've lifted the vocals to be in front. In all, I think this band have a good chance of becoming synonymous with the expression ''True Metal''
by Joe Kolinsky

Track List
01 Mrs. Satan
02 8 o'Clock Witch
03 Devil Worship Reckoning
04 Well Worth The Dig
05 Alibi
06 Bleak Ol 'Tyrant
07 Hooded Priest Pt. I & Pt. II
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