REVIEW: Planet Mastergod - Delightful Contempt

HeavyRock from Norway
Planet Mastergod - Warpath

There seems to be no end to all things metal coming out of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway has a track record unmatched in the rest of the world when it comes to exploring the sick mind of man through all the different styles of metal.

On their second release, the guys in Planet Mastergod take a deep dive into human aggression of various kinds. What instantly catches my attention on ''Delightful Contempt'' is the guitar work. The riffing is superb, varied and perfectly downtuned. Actually, when it comes to the guitars, this album scores a jackpot. The songs are powerfully built around the riffage, with a (stoner) metal edge, sometimes post-metal sound.

What brings my overall opinion down a bit is the vocal harmonies. Don't get me wrong, this guy can really sing. But I'm having problems fusing the awesome aggressivity of the music with the superclean vocals. Some of you will surely think the vocals make a nice contrast to the ferocious riffing, but i'd love a voice that follows the aggression of the music. But hey, that's just my opinion! All-in-all, this album kicks major ass and I urge you to listen.
Reviewed by Joe Kolinsky

Track List
01 Salvation
02 Mad Prophet
03 Maestro
04 Full Size Mammoth
05 Burn
06 Pieces
07 Sect
08 Warpath
09 In Blood
10 Slave
11 Dominion

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