REVIEW: Esper Scout - Kids & Pets E.P 2011

AlternativeRocK from the UK
Esper Scout - Minert Revs

Sounds of a fresh rocking Female vocalist ... it's got me hooked.  It brings me back to those days of old, back in the early 90's when music got fresh again. The View Above certainly has a great sound, musically commercial, though not a bad thing at all, as more bands need to sound like this on the radio.

I catch myself head nodding. Not overly powerful, the songs are just so catchy. Wallet of Brass Coins, reminds me of those days I look so forward to, summer, flowers blooming, and the stars as crisp as can be at night, to stare at the moon, and whisper to its smile. The dual guitars give this song some force, almost like it wants to break thru with a quick thunderstorm, only to fall back in its beauty of the sun, of the soul, there's no denying this song carries some weight. This song could easily be their single; I see no reason why it has not been picked up in the UK.

Oh shit, here comes the fuzz. Infectious, slamming guitar intro. Up-tempo, Miner Revs is easily the heaviest song on the EP. Its very riff catchy. I feel myself lying down on a sea of grass, mesmerized by the ferocity of the song (think L7) but better.  Just a terrific beat, never lets up, the groove remains steady throughout.

The last song, Ralphf is another action packed song, though not nearly as catch as the first three, it certainly still strikes at the right point, and carries some weight that gives it an aggressive edge.  Once again the guitars play such a perfect role in the songs. The solos are played with perfection. No amateurs are these ladies.

Esper Scout is an all female Alt. group that would have not looked out of place in the early 90's. That is not to say they do not bring anything fresh to the table. I can tell you with all honesty that this is one of the first all female acts that I have thoroughly enjoyed. The singer at times is so soft & beautiful, and then at the flick of a switch, she's aggressive, yet maintains that beautiful voice. The music is outstanding, not groundbreaking, but really, what is.  You'd be a fool not to catch these ladies live.  I can only hope they can get a full length cd out, and expand on the promise they show here.
Reviewed by William Bissonette

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Track List
01 View From Above
02 Wallet Of Brass Coins
03 Minert Revs
04 Ralpf

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