DEMOLAND: We Are Goose! Ep

StonerRock from the UK
We Are Goose! - Light Speed Life

We are Goose! hail from the UK and like all things ‘spacey’. Influences are Hawkwind, Farflung, Sabbath, dub and a multitude of others in the infinite corridor of music. Formed to fill an obvious black hole in the music scene locally and universally. Also with a love of vintage equipment, the warmth from an old unwanted, unloved amp is immense! The Goose are four, Jarve Goose plays the guitar, Simon Goose the bass, Tim Goose, drums and percussion and Nik Goose vocals and analogue synth. Four good mates with a vision. UK only dates at the moment. Will the Goose spread its mighty wings and leave this island? Who can tell?
Fans of Smoke In Sunshine, Six Sigma will have these tunes cranked to LOUD. Download the 4 Track EP at the link below.

Man In The Shed Records
01 How To Operate Your Brain
02 Heavy Creamers
03 Light Speed Life
04 Burn Too Fast (Demo)
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