REVIEW: Dusteroid - TyrannoSonor

HeavyRock from the UK
Dusteroid - Defy

Once again the almighty riff-magician has swung his wand, this time Dusteroid have the chance to show their strength...finally the English riff machine is back with a BANG!

On the latest release ‘Tyrannosonor’ Dusteroid cooks you a dynamite soup made of diesel, solid rock, shrapnel, acid and gun powder. Spiced with a whole bucket of riff magic enough to get your brain to melt. If you compare the debut album ‘Albedo Zero’ with ‘Tyrannosonor’ I consider that a big improvement has been made in both songwriting and performance! This time the dusteroids seems more confident in what they produce and the songs are more “hit-oriented”, and have enough punch to overturn a whole building!

Immediately when Dusteroid starts to spin you can hear that something big is happening.
The heavily-armed ‘Defy’ oozes of dynamic moster riffs and has everything a perfect heavy rock tune should have. ‘Defy’ is a psychedelic whirlwind that blows away everything without leaving anything to chance. Dusteroid crashing on to the next act, ‘Highroller’ that kicks as hard as its predecessor, perhaps not as addictive but faaaar from bad. As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of improvement on the musical level, from being a mediocrity these fuzznauts has grown much stronger as a band, and seems to be more tuned than ever. Take a big dose of Kyuss, mix it up with an ever larger dose of Dozer, On A Pale Horse and Mannhai, and you get Dusteroid.
Further tracks to be mentioning is the powerful ‘Tomahawk Storm Trooper’ and ‘Whiskey Overdose’ and not to forget the last track ‘Dusty Road’ All three are riff canons of higher rank, an orgy in heavy stoner mixed with bluesy jam parts รก la fuzz de luxe.

I hate to say this but I would have added at least two songs more because the album feels a bit to short (you still get 53 mins.), I just can’t get enough of it, I need moooooore to satisfy my hunger! Short or not, this heavy riff machinery don’t fuck around and know their instruments too well and are one of the few English stoner bands that produces records. Dusteroid will probably defend the UK stoner rock throne for a long time to come ....think big, think bigger, think DUSTEROID!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament
Track List

01 Defy
 02 Highroller
  03 Tomahawk Storm Trooper
 04 Whiskey Overdose
 05 Imprisonment
 06 The Rolling Head
 07 Holy Sin
 08 Dusty Road
09 Hidden Track 
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