HOT RELEASES: Super Invader

StonerRock from the USA
Super Invader - The Many Ways To Burn

Just when you thought 2010 was dead done and gone Super Invader just Rocked into town on their Super Heavy StonerRock Spaceship from Omaha Nebraska with their self titled debut album, and man is this stuff Super cool. X members of Bullets for Baby, VUAL and Super Zoediac People ,this is a seriously cracking release. Influenced by the likes of Kyuss, Hank, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Acid Bath and Sleep....  Holy Xmas now thats some serious shit,, check em out.

Track List 

01 The Many Ways To Burn 
02 Shallow
03 Celestial Outlaw 
04 Aquarius Bleeding 
05 Into Madness 
06 Dopedick 
07 Blizzard Suicide 
08 Hand Rolled Blues 
09 A Long Walk to Nowhere 
10 Howl About America
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