DEMOLAND: Black Thai Demo

StonerRock from the USA
Black Thai - Satan's Toolshed

Boston's Black Thai was formed in 2009 by long time friends Jim Healey (We're All Gonna Die) and Scotty Fuse (Cortez) out of a series of beer-fuelled late night conversations about music.

The two were interested in what it might be like if they got together and jammed on some ideas with no outside pressures, just to see where it might go. It was obvious right away that this democratic songwriting approach would yield interesting results. Elements of each of their other bands, We're All Gonna Die and Cortez, were present but blended with other influences to become its own animal.

Adding his own unique perspective and ideas, bassist Cory Cocomozzi proved to be a perfect match. Completing the puzzle was Scott's bandmate Jeremy Hemond (Cortez, Roadsaw) who came on board after the initial recordings, bringing his Bonham-inspired drumming to the table.

Track List

New CD Available now from their Website Bandcamp or iTunes
Black Thai - Blood from on High 

01 The Ladder
02 Satan's Toolshed
03 Saturation Point
04 Sinking Ships
05 333 
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