REVIEW: Tabularasa - Born In The Barn

StonerRocK from the UK
Tabularasa - Valley Run (Down, Down, Down)

Visiting is Pretty, Visiting Is Good - seems like all they ever wanted was a brother........... Sorry, I always sing that song in my head when a band starts a track / album with the guitarist plugging in his / her guitar 'on air'. This gives the studio-naïve a feel that the album was all recorded live (I doubt it). Not sure if I 'love' the opening track 'Walk In' but anyway...............

Swansea's own Tabularasa ('blank slate' in Latin - thanks very much Wiki) offer a lively, psychedelic jam laden 9 track record that in parts sounds heavy rock, in parts alt rock, in parts doom and in parts Deep Purple style 'ride the groove' style grooves and I love it, it is perfect 'get the rock-chick back to the bed sit and spark up a pre-hump bong' style fuzz out rock with soulful bass lines and all out guitar battery to suit all types of scenario.

Full marks on the vocals too, this guy can sing - and has a perfect take on Bush / Wildhearts mixture or pain and beauty in his delivery, this keeps the listener hooked as the lead guitar (and a fucking theramin by the sound of it on Driving Song) takes you on a journey between lines.

Obliterator is my favorite so far , it is music to get stoned to - riffs you can EAT!!!!!! Make the songs longer and you have the perfect debut.

Reviewed by Jon Davis


Track List

01 Walk In
02 Valley Run (Down, Down, Down)
03 Devil Woods
04 Oyster Chamber
05 Driving Song
06 Obliterator
07 You've Got Your Horseshoe Stuck In My Mouth
08 Broken Minds
09 You Can't Kill The Cow (But The Cow Can Kill You)

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