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StonerRocK from the Netherlands
Sungrazer - Common Believer

After Copious amount of listening to this EP at home and in car, and apologies to Sungrazer for not reviewing this EP earlier but it was hard not to be selfish and succumb to what Sungrazer offers here. This Dutch 3 piece delivers what can only be described as mammoth walls of mountainous fuzz. Picture the mighty Kyuss rejoined after a 15 year hiatus! Somehow Sungrazer have been moulded to the very roots of stoner/desert rock a venture that has so often been tried and time and time again never succeeded. Sungrazer are perfect example of how good music can sound when 3 musicians work in unison and collaborate as a whole.

This EP is a harrowing cosmic trip through and through bound together with gigantic and jammed out musical prowess! Ok sure hear Kyuss and think hmmm, it's been done but I assure you this time it's a big NO! Sungrazer have put together 5 songs of well crafted gems carefully picked and somehow conceived in the form of a story book or concept album! Tracks like" Zero Zero" and "IF " will make you weak at the knees, like a first love or an addiction, these tracks consume you and take you right into your subconscious, Just like Spaceship Landing and White Water did back in the early to mid 90's.

Rest assured Sungrazer don't just pump out mammoth tunes the equally luminous track titled "Somo" is epic! A true illustration of just how good this band works as a unit. Laced with acoustics, eerie sound effects, various alter instrumental experiments and eventually more Fuzz! Somo, really reminds me of an early" Earthlings?" mantra, but tends to deliver more pounds per square second, both guitar driven and vocally!

Sungrazer as far as I know met via a theatrical position, playing music scores for a local theatre company in Holland. It's no surprise that these guys are accomplished musicians, in all forms of the word. This EP is produced and sounds like it cost an absolute fortune and undeniably ready for a label release. Holland is definitely in the forefront of producing some of the best acts to date. Sungrazer will Impress the new listener and give hope to the geriatrics that is in search of that classic sounding desert rock.

Sungrazer will be a band who will emerge at the top of the food chain within the stoner rock community although only 5 songs under their belt you might say a "big call"! But get your hands on this EP and judge for yourselves! I look forward with optimism that Sungrazer find a home soon and get a deal that will bring a full length. This band is a must have and as they mature through Touring and more extended recording sessions will be hard to top! Highly Recommended...

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

Elektrohasch Records
Track List

01 Zero Zero
02 Common Believer
03 If
04 Somo
05 Mountain Dusk

Zero Zero

Common Believer
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