REVIEW: Silver Devil - Silver Devil Demo

StonerRock from Sweden
Silver Devil - Deceitful

This Devil is not only made of silver, he also come from Sweden and brings you the best in fuzz rock and will knock down anyone who's trying to make it to the top of the mammoth mountain. Look out or you might get burned alive by the flames of purgatory!

It's like turning back time to the year 2000, and yes... this is a Truckfighters clone, but who cares, as long as it sounds like this! Superiority fills my head when this grandeur piece starts to spin, super shitty to the max with over-driven vocals and light years of fuzzadelic and cosmic deep dives. This is how Truckfighters sounded on their debut album, and in my opinion Silver devil are almost better than the original!

Silver devil starts off with the excellent 'Follow Me Down'... and yes, i will follow these devils down to the core of the earth if it's necessary. This is exactly how it should be done in a classic stoner rock manner, lots heavy and fuzzy soundscapes with super cool riffings. On the second track 'Deceitful' you get the same 'treatment', only the best is good enough for these fuzz magicians. Silver Devil keep poking god's ass all the way to finish line and I'm jumping up and down in joy, these guys make me drool with excitement... what a fuzzadelic evening!

The following tracks 'In Space', 'Demons' and 'Pesadilla' are equally superior to everything else on this demo and i honestly have to say that Silver devil have managed to create one of the best stoner rock demos in the history of mankind! 'Pesadilla' is one of my absolute favourites on this five out of five demo and reminds me alot of the Italian band Insider. You get the same atmospheric presence as the Italians produce on their excellent Simple Water Drops album, the soundscapes are huge and are equal to some bands in the space rock genre.

The riffian god's have to be truly satisfied by this effort, and grandpa will definitely turn up his hearing aid to the max and paint some flames on his wheelchair when he hears what these fuzzlords have to offer! Silver Devil have the capacity to go on forever if they manage to keep the same high standard in future which i hope they do. If you haven't heard this band before visit them on my space, you won't regret it...I'm sure of that!
Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Infinite Fuzz Records

Track List
01 Follow Me Down
02 Deceitful
03 In Space
04 Demons
05 Pesadilla

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