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HeavyRock from Canada
Big Game Hunt - Dave and Big G

Whoa! Taking the doom from "Down" and the Alabama from the "Thunderpussy", these cats deliver in spades! "Goliath"... the title given to Big Game Hunt's new giant of an album couldn't be more fitting. "Fee Figh Fo Fum, I hear the rumble from a Canadian"

This is the second release from Canada's "Big Game Hunt". Having not had the pleasure of hearing the debut (The God's Drink Whiskey) I can't compare it with this, but if it packs even half the punch of Goliath, it's a must have. Right from the get go, Goliath grabs you by the boo boo and doesn't let up. "Dave and Big G" kicks things off with a heavy Kyuss tangy zizzle. Then a sweet midsection akin to some Iron Maiden doodling.

The track "Lucky 13" has an almost funk groove thrown in there for good measure. The crunchy "Raise a Glass" shows off Jared Mcinnis's bottom end. This guy can play! In fact, all these guys seem well versed in the ways of kicking ass, sonically. The comparisons between Jordan Rose's vox are fairly obvious, sounding something like Phil Anselmo and Kyle Thomas's long lost brother. This is just fine by me.

During its 16 tracks "Goliath" has balls the size of church bells, also some nice acoustic interludes just at the right time, keeping things interesting. A solid listen from stem to stern. This is not one to pass up. Heavily recommended.
Reviewed by Adam Walsh

CD Baby
Track List
01 Dave and Big G
02 Seeing Red
03 Heavy Blues
04 Revelation
05 Blue Devils
06 Leaving
07 Lucky 13
08 Raise A Glass
09 Embrace
10 Reprieve
11 Heaven Falls
12 Wisdom in One
13 Lesson Learned
14 Search Party
15 Before Long
16 On the Scene

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