REVIEW: Red Desert - 18 Wheels

StonerRocK from the USA
Red Desert - Pride On The Line

Introducing Red Desert! Four hard working, Hard Rockin' Bros from Minnesota with an uncanny knack of producing some really incredible low end crafty Riff Rock. Although being around since 2004 and this there first Ep which was recorded in 2008, has only just managed to see the light of day in the ending months of 2009.

This 6 track Ep slays from start to finish and pays homage to the greats such as Sabbath, COC, Clutch and Unida! But by all means do not read this and assume "Clone Material"! Red Desert still has the power to throw in their own brand of rock that is diffidently equal, to the bands I mentioned above.

The Title track of the Ep "18 Wheels" is the pinnacle track on this record and captures just what Red Desert is about in every way shape and form. A Perfect jammed out heavy catchy song with all the right ingredients, big thick rhythm section, raspy yet clear vocals and a guitar sound that any band could want! The Die down around the 3 minute mark is fucking epic; the lead break destroys me every time I hear this song!

Red Desert is a breath of fresh air and a super tight unit that does nothing but rock its tits off from the moment you hit play! For a moment I thought we had that sound, that tingle, that only the early stoner bands possessed, but now it's back and Red Desert is one band you should be getting your groove on with...

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

Track List

01 18 Wheels
02 Hero's Find
03 Cross Of Iron
04 No Rest For The Wicked
05 Drownin' In
06 Pride On The Line

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