REVIEW: Numbah Ten - Reborn In 3D

StonerRocK from Sweden
Numbah Ten - Beyond The End

After three years of hibernating and incubating in a time capsule somewhere deep in the Nordic Sky! Numbah Ten have arisen, swollen eyed and beaming with what is and very well could be album of the year! Gloriously titled Reborn in 3D, which leaves nothing to the imagination, this just simply has to be heard to be believed. Numbah Ten is no new comer to the scene they have always managed to make extremely good classic stoner sounds. Reborn in 3D see's Numbah Ten Delve into a totally new approach musically to what they have done in past releases.

Laid back, driven and sometimes angry with a somewhat depression like rhythm, Numbah Ten mixes perfectly balanced Psychedelics, Doom and Levitating anthems to create a master piece that would wake the gods up out of slumber! Each track on Reborn is completely different and unique in its own way, when its laid back you feel yourself floating, when its dirty heavy and thunderous you feel yourself filled with immortality, in a sense that you belong to the Numbah Ten Army of Doom!

Numbah Ten have matured to be what I can only say as one of the best acts going around to date! Forget Kyuss move on and embrace what Numbah Ten have to offer here! A clone free innovative piece of musical brilliance layered so perfect with all kinds of genres! Weather it's the 70's almost reggae styled track Power Flower to the anguished filled Mirrors of Time Numbah Ten will have you exhausted, haunted and thinking about this record for a long Time to come!

Clocking in at just over 78 minutes Reborn in 3D is of epic proportions and a must have in your collection make no mistake! Fans of First Band from Outer Space, Dear Mutant, Colour Haze and Dead Meadow will get a real kick out of this release. As far as I am aware Number Ten are releasing the record very soon independently, with intend to have a Label take over in the near future. The new version will be re-mastered etc, so why not get in contact with the band and pick up the very first edition of this truly unique record.

Bowl up, put on the headphones, take the phone off the hook and be prepared to be taken on a journey with Numbah Ten's Reborn in 3D, trust me you will never want to leave and find yourself spinning this record over and over to get that all time high you have ever wanted! Well done guys this was a truly epic voyage and its great to see you are back with us...

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

Kozmik Artifactz

Track List

01 The Rebirth (Intro)
02 Voice Inside
03 Beyond The End
04 Another Day (Chapter 2)
05 Silent Cyclon
06 Come To The Light
07 Mirrors Of Time
08 Power Flower
09 A Kindred Spirit
10 The Spacemachine

   Numbah Ten and the art of Brian Smith

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