DEMOLAND: Pyrior - Pyrior Ep

PsychedelicRock from Germany
Pyrior - Stator

"Pyrior" started during the year 2008 as a musician's community dedicated to jam-sessions. This jam-sessions result in a trio of a classic rock formation, Torsten Bass, Max Appeal - Guitar and Olin - Drums.

"Pyrior"s first EP was released in April 2009 and called "Pulsar". The music of"Pyrior" is a round mix of stonerrock and heavy psychedellicrock in a cosmic haze. It burns like a Pulsar and floats in an atmospheric space.

Check out Track 6 Stator with vocals ,sounds like early Sideburn mixed with some serious Smoke In Sunshine wah-wah great stuff..Enjoy

Track List 
 03 Janitor
04 Vertigo

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