DEMOLAND: Plastic Gods - Quadriplegiac

DOOOM from Iceland
Plastic Gods - Part II: Body & Spirit

Plastic Gods is a drone/doom band hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland. The project was conceived in late 2005 by Dagur and Ingólfur as a stoner/sludge band, but as members were found, the sonic assault slowed down to a snail's pace, becoming a morass of droning doom riffs with a dash of lethargic stoner groove to mellow things out - a tribute to all things slow and heavy, dubbed "öræfarokk" (wasteland rock).

The band has played fairly regularly since its inception, and has established a reputation for intense live performances, crushing audiences with high volumes and organ-shaking vibrations. Quadriplegiac, the band's first full-length released in December 2008, is a three-part concept album - an introverted trip that conjures up images of bleak, glacial sands and strangely, feelings of both despair and hope - and has received positive reviews from various webzines and Icelandic publications.

Track List 
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