DEMOLAND: Arrowhead Ep

StonerRocK from Australia
Arrowhead - Liquid Motion

Arrowhead, are a Sydney Australia based band that deliver's on the massive rock experience. Formed in April 2008, this stoner rock trio of experienced musician's are slowly emerging as a force to be reckoned with, ARROWHEAD, have a classic heavy acid rock sound with high energy.

The Band consists of BRETT PEARL, on lead vocals and guitar, he has a unique and powerful, melodic, soulful voice, the guitar sound has a furious bite, with warm tones and rollin bluesy sabbathesqe riff's, smothered in a wall of orange fuzz. DAVE LOPEZ, shares the same passion with massive earth moving bass line's that drive's the band while providing a smooth hypnotic feel. MATT CRAMP., on drums creates a powerhouse of rhythmic grooves with bonhamesqe beats with solid thundering drum rolls that add colour and strength.

Arrowhead, deliver a repertoire of rock solid well created feel good song's ARROWHEAD is a sound that should be heard ,they have an ep self titled, this is just a taste of good things yet to come, with longevity, teamwork and the love of playing music.

Track List

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