REVIEW: Sun Gods in Exile - Black Light White Lines

SouthernRock from the USA
Sun Gods In Exile - Eye for an Eye 

Have you ever searched for drug a that would get your adrenaline racing so fast that the world seemed to be a blur to your eyes? I have, and it's called Sun Gods In Exile. Taking parts of the great southern rock bands of the past and adding a little touch of 80's hard rock, Sun Gods deliver on all levels.

What you get with Black Light, White Lines, is a 425 Hemi with 420lb's of torque, all muscle. Four to the floor, pedal to the medal, this album was made for highway travel. Riff after riff of driving pleasure from the music, one can hear a triple mix of great southern grandfathers of years before (Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd). To call them retro though, would not do them justice, as what they have taken from the past, is just a blueprint for the onslaught of southern riffs that they have updated and called their own. Their sound also touches upon the early 80's cock rock, but done with the confidence of a band that can deliver on any given day or night.

I can say you will find no filler on this album (Small Stone has once again found a hidden gem for a band). Each song brings it, from start to the finish, you'll be throttled. There's no point in picking any one song as a highlight, as each song represents a highlight on its own. Eye for an Eye, Heaven Help Us, Mexico, Rise Up, The Gripper etc..... all the way thru to the closing masterpiece 495, its just non-stop listening pleasure. By far, to me, one of the best releases this year. A blistering start from this band, their debut album is a great addition for any hardrock fan. Turn it up to 11 and head out on the highway for a full scale pleasure ride....

Reviewed by Will Bissonette

Track List

01 Eye for an Eye
02 Heaven Help Us
03 Mexico
04 Rise Up
05 The Gripper
06 Black Light, White Lines

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