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PsychedelicRock from Germany
Space Pilgrim - Slumber Cave

Space Pilgrim are a three piece space doom jam band who hail from Germany, a place that is rapidly becoming the Mecca of quality acts to grace our music scene. This Demo is 5 tracks in length and clocks in at just over 63 minutes. Take the big bass tones of "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club"," Dead Meadow" and "Om", mix it with the light soulful jazzy chorus driven guitar licks of Co-Patriots" The Great Escape" and "Colour Haze" and presto you have one fine band by the name of Space Pilgrim.

So many bands nowadays are opting for long wide angle approach to music taking music to well over the 10 minute mark, which is fine but has to be backed up and kept interesting right the way through. Space Pilgrim manage to pretty much capture everything along the way and without a doubt do a fine job keeping the music interesting enough to want to not skip a track.

Second Sun is a stand out track 16:57 minutes! A massive 8 minute prelude of jazzy jammed out chilled ambience which paths the way to a slow gradual thick bass driven classic "stoner "riff! Effects, Delay & Mood all the trimmings orchestrated to pure perfection.

Space Pilgrim's songs are layered with loads of effects bouncing though Psychedelic holes in the sky. These three guys are an impressive unit who without a doubt mean business! For a demo of this quality I would expect a lot of labels to express interest and doubt these guys will be homeless without a deal for too long! This brand of music belongs to a high grade Label Small Stone or Elektrohasch Records please take note this is an epic demo which will appeal to so many people.

Space Pilgrim will soon have you on their pilgrimage if at first you don't convert play again it's a real grower with lots to offer suit up, relax and enjoy the flight to space....
Reviewed by Matt Frighetto


Track List
01 Twilight Kingdom
02 Second Sun
03 Slumber Cave
04 Gungslingers Path
05 Gut of Gods
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