Review: Mindreader - Coldstart

This manic killing-machine hailing from Germany eats itself into your body and spits out your organs one by one just to see the helpless look on your face!... simply, this is heavy shit!!... Full speed at high level!!!
On the 'Coldstart' ep by Mindreader you get four heavily armed nuclear missiles ready to blow your brains out! I got this ep from a friend and my first reaction was HOLY HELL!... and then i fell of my chair by the blast from my speakers!

'Coldstart' opens with the rampant 'Toxic Tune', and yes it's not only toxic but LETHAL! and Mindreader gives you full speed right from the start. The Toxic tune is a totally insane mix between Dozer and Mannhai that makes the whole building quiver in fright. Megatons of fuzzyness and hard-hitting riffs along with splendid drumming on top of those crazy vocals.

Mindreader crushes on with the song 'Break the Chain' and this track surely breaks all chains and hit harder than Bruce Lee ever did. Once again you get run down by a whole panzer division, and once again you get this deadly mixture of nitro-glycerine and semtex that not only blow your ears off but makes you go down on your knees begging for more. These guys completely run the show in a way that makes both grandma and grandpa paint some flames on their walkers and to run amok in the corridors.

These five Germans are far beyond of what most stoner acts of today manage to deliver and all four songs are equally action packed with a mind-blowing sense of superiority which gives you the finest in fuzz rock. Mindreader is like shoving a scatter gun up your ass and let the lead do the talking, and if you are looking for some heavy stoner action you have come to the right place!

Mindreader not only read your minds, but control them!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament


Track List

02 Break The Chain
03 Perfect World
04 Downhill Disaster
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