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StonerRocK from Sweden
Catapult The Smoke - Go With the Wave

Oh man, what can I say...? Sweden simply rule and I'm proud to be part of it! Catapult the smoke from Mjölby are gigantors of fuzz who knows how to rock the boat,infact they pulverize nearly everything. This smoke is lethal...

Catapult the smoke have made a few demos a few years back and it wasn't until Orchestrated Misery records took the law in their own hands and make it possible for CTS to release these songs official. I get this 'old school' feeling when the first track starts to spin and i'm totally satisfied, even euphoric. The whole album is like an orgasmic rollercoaster, up and down, in and out, and each track is a joyride into the holy land of fuzz.

The opening track 'Travel thru a clouded mind' on CTS debut album 'Unearthed'is utterly grandiose. Like a 57 ton Tiger tank this song pulverizes every obstacle in sight. 'Travel thru a clouded mind' has a brilliant riff which eats into the skin and break down all walls, I rip my hair of in happiness cause this is exactly what i want to hear from a stoner band. The vocals are superb, sung by Tobbe (also in Ocean Chief), every second of this outstanding track smokes.

I have to use the word 'art' because on the second track,'Devil's spell' this heavy trio keeps poke god's ass in a masterly manner. You get lightyears of fuzz action with a psychedelic touch and shitloads of heaviness, simply the best a man can get! It's hard to pick a specific track as the best because EVERY single minute on this album Is a cornucopia of brilliant music making and i just love the way CTS doing their riffs.

Gems like Go with the wave, Unearthed and One eyed master along with the previous Travel thru a clouded mind and Devil's spell definitely stands out a little extra on this piece of plastic. 'Unearthed' contains 12 songs including four bonus tracks. These four tracks are as strong as the others which were recorded in 2001 and haven't been on any demo before. Two of those are 'Things as they were' and the end track 'Going down', both ass kickers of a higher rank, soaked with fuzz driven guitars and with the riffs we all love. The Vocals are occasionally rougher on 'Things' and feels a bit hardcore, but it does no harm because everything these guys touch turns into gold!

Unearthed is worth its weight in gold and are highly recommended for those about to rock. If you're into bands like Dozer, Mannhai, Rollerball etc you will adore this piece of Swedish rock history. It's definitely one of the best releases this year!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Orchestrated Misery Records
Record Heaven

Track List

01 Travel Thru a Clouded Mind
02 Devil's Spell
03 Go with the Wave
04 Unearthed
05 Power of It All
06 One Eyed Master
07 Burning in My Mind
08 Follow the Beam
09 The Lost Trip
10 Time to Go Home
11 Things As They Were
12 Going Down

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