REVIEW: Spiritus Mortis - The God Behind the God

DoomRock from Finland
Spiritus Mortis - The God Behind the God

This is heavy shit indeed, the powerfull and mighty Spiritus Mortis from Finland are back and ready to crush all walls on their sixth album 'The god behind the god'. Bottle up!... cause there is a party in hell!!!

Ei leikki (no playing around) is exactly what you might call this disc, on the sixth album 'The god behind the god' Spiritus Mortis shows the (m)asses that the bells of doom are ringing all over Finland. Plenty has happened since the first album in 2001 and along with the split album with The gates of slumber 'The god behind the god' have to be their best release so far.

The new album starts off with 'The man of steel', a loose cannon without inhibitions.'The man' take to prisoners and smash you to pieces, three minutes of uncompromising finish anger with patter drums and glow hot strings. Spiritus Mortis literally drives the stake through your heart. The followers 'Death bride' and 'The rotting trophy'makes me shiver all over, slow and sinister with a thrilling sense of the dark... this is true doom as it's finest moments comparable to Count raven, Reverend bizarre and late work of Saint Vitus.

'When the wind howled with a human voice' is one of the slowest acts and along with the title track ' the god behind the god' these are my favourites. An exercise in raw power and demonic behaviour which makes any virgin spread her legs. The title track brings you over 10 minutes of crushing doom metal, the longest and most evil track on this release. Full of heavy riffings with anguished vocals, 'The god' makes the blood flow from your walls.

I Concider 'The god behind the god' as one of the best doom releases this year and if you prefer qualities before quantity, this is a clear candidate! Turn the cross and join the dark forces... hell awaits!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Firebox Records
Hellride Music

Track List

01 The Man Of Steel
02 Death Bride
03 The Rotting Trophy
04 Curved Horizon
05 When the Wind Howled With a Human Voice
06 Heavy Drinker
07 The God Behind the God
08 Perpetual Motion
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