Review: Cardinals Folly - Orthodox Faces

On Cardinals Folly's second ep 'Orthodox Faces' you get an occult and insane symphony that makes any Christian twat to cry in vain, these blood thirsty creatures gonna suck you dry and will make you crawl back up from your grave! I thought Nosferatu was a myth that haunts people in their dreams, but I was wrong ... he is 'alive' and kicking and are the singer of Cardinals Folly!!

Heavy, unholy and uncompromising is an exact description of these three dark overlords hailing from Finland. On the second ep 'Orthodox Faces" the nightmare continues, this time you get a heavier sound along with a even more sinister presence which makes this sulphur-smelling piece of plastic to one of the most evil creations to walk this earth!

Orthodox Faces begins with an opening ceremony which opens the gates of hell, The first track 'Blood Axis Raiders' take no prisoners and literally peels the flesh of your bones without the slightest remorse. Crushing doom is the right term to use and Cardinalls Folly scent out their hatred in the most uncivilized way that may Christianity to falter. 'Blood Axis Raiders' is an eternal burning purgatory that burn marks god's ass and these evil riffs which can be compared with the work of The Wandering Midget and Reverend Bizarre are just as impure as we all want them to be.

The following tracks: 'Cardinals Folly' and 'They Found Atlantis' are just as good, once again the Finnish hatred runs through my speakers and i keep banging my forehead against the desk which is not a healthy thing to do, but who cares, this blood thirsty legions of doom makes it all worth the pain. The music is very 'old school' and you can clearly hear the influences of Black Sabbath, Pentagram and the early works of Saint Vitus which makes me more than happy. Cardinals Folly gives you three good reasons why you should NOT be a good Christian, and three good reasons why you need to get this excellent ep!

Turn the cross upside down, paint all walls black (including the windows) and join the army of darkness...

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Shadow Kingdom Records

Track List

01 Opening Ceremony
02 Blood Axis Raiders
03 Cardinals Folly
04 They Found Atlantis
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