DEMOLAND: DeDam - Good Morning Headache

We started out in the middle of '03 in Sandviken, and are back in town again. We moved around a bit back and forth between Borl�nge and G�vle, 'cause there's no rest for the wicked I guess. We've had our fair share of pub and club gigs, a couple of recordings and an undisclosed amount of soaking rumbles on the dancefloor..

Our music nowadays can be described as rock n' roll with a kind of psychedelic touch (we've been told it sounds a bit like if Roky Erickson would date Deep Purple in 1971). We're currently finnishing the mixing of our debutalbum called "Autopilot Reptile Brain", and are looking for a label or booking agency to collaborate with. Meanwhile we're doing gigs here and there.. both as "ourselves" and backing up different musicians spanning from outlaw country to true hiphop.
ROK n' OL!

"This is the kind of groove that an emotionally disturbed trucker puts in his stereo when he goes out on the highway to hunt for hippies." /David Jannati, Close-up Magazine.

Track List

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