DEMOLAND: The Egocentrics - Mystic Initiation

PsychedelicRock from Romania
The Egocentrics - Mystic Initiation

Loose jams, goose bumps, trance and therapy.
These are the reasons why the three-piece heavy psychedelic instrumental band formed in Timisoara (RO), in early 2007.

Combining stoner rock vibes, 60's psychedelic, 70's hard rock with hints of prog and post-metal, all along with colourful, hypnotising visuals in a live setting, the band takes an almost shamanic approach to music, acting like an intermediary between the listener and that mysterious and far away realm behind your eyelids.

Having developed a solid band chemistry throughout the years playing together, The :Egocentrics deliver a fresh take on psychedelic hard rock with a jazz-like state of mind, relying on flow, dynamics and improvisation. With its four epic parts ranging from moody and ambient spacerock passages to uplifting choruses and heavy riffing, 'Love Fear Choices and Astronauts' marks an impressive debut by the Timisoara, Romanian power trio.

Track List

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