After countless evenings and nights in front of, and around, the bar counter. After long, fiery discussions about the first Sabbath-album, endless arguments over what the best work of Hendrix is, and how everything just sounded so much better before - these guys felt the time was right to take matters into their own hands.

Three bearded swedes and two norwegians immediately started to deep-dive into their own private collections of LPs and thus the conception of a musical journey, unpreceded - ever before, or after, for that matter - was in process.

One song soon turned into six and it all climaxed in a smokin' "California Jam" at Garage in Oslo.
A concert that still is, to this day, remembered - and surely has gone into the history books following the excellent review it picked up in Eternal Terror Webzine. Thus, more is still to come from these true successors of the seventies - here, there and all across the country!

Inspiration is drawn from amongst others: Blue Cheer, Cream, Pentagram and Grand Funk Railroad. In other words: butterfingered, groovy and psychedelic hard rock! So bring forth your bellbottoms and wide lapels....Rock N' Roll is lovely, isent it?!

Transubstans Records
Track List

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