REVIEW: Inside It Grows - Slave of Saints

Heavy Metal from Greece
So, if you're at all following the Greek underground metal scene you may have stumbled across a band going by the name "Lucky Funeral" and also another band going under the moniker "Speedblow" (which I reviewed here last year). If not, well now you have. What we have here with "Inside It Grows" is a culmination of these two bands, rolled up in a meaty-gyro.

Mike from "Lucky Funeral" does all the vocal duties on "Slave of Saints", while John T. of "Speedblow" handles just about everything else on the album, minus some lead guitar work done by George "The Goat" Stavroulakis.

With there being a million different genres of metal these days, "Slave of Saints" to me, is genre defying, one minute it's bashing you over the head with progressive metal elements, using "Tool" like a "Crowbar" on your senses. Then at times drifting into a "Dream Theater" on ludes vibe. While never losing its metal-head design, plenty of double bass kicks. Chugging, churning riffs. Down-tuned and doomy axe slinging is in store a-plenty here. Iron Maiden esque twin guitar harmonies and even some groove metal, thrashy moments, which remind me of Machine Head at times.

Boasting a slick production, "Slave of Saints" sounds massive when listened to at earth shattering volume. All in all, if u bleed metal, and die by the sword. This could very well be your wet dream. Check em out on bandcamp.
by Adam Walsh

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