REVIEW: Lunar Dust - Full Moon Blues

Stoner Rock from Italy
Lunar Dust - Firewall

Lunar Dust is one of the most promising newcomers who may the desert sand to swirl around in the most constructive way. This power trio was formed in Milan, Italy 2009, after a decade of different music experiences for each of the three members. They developed their "own style"; a great combination of stoner/desert  and 70's rock, paying attention to heavy melodic riffs and great vocals. One of the main influences must obviously be Kyuss and Dozer (as usual) because everything smells Cactus, and the dusty roads remain just as dusty as they should be! There are also heavy psyche/acid rock elements to the music.

In January 2011 Lunar Dust headed for the studio and recorded their debut album 'Full moon blues' which is a self produced session in eight promising acts. The band is still unsigned and looking for a record deal and distribution worldwide. So my advice to all earthbound labels is; what are you waiting for?!

This journey starts off with the nicely carved 'Firewall' which is as the title describes a wall of inflammable riffs that burns big holes in the most thick-shelled cactus. Both Kyuss, Samavayo and Brain Police comes to mind, and just like these genuine bands Lunar Dust delivers solid stoner magic. The second launch 'Silent deepness' is just as solid and touches both the stoner genre and the 70's. You get fat fuzzy riffs รก la Grand Funk Railroad meets Dozer, downtuned and coarse-grained, and the dust is whirling as Lunar Dust rushes on. This is absolutely one of the outstanding tracks on 'Full moon blues'

Fear the cactus, or should i say 'Beware the cactus' (third track) is also quite an experience. This nugget is a sharp instrumental son of a bitch that runs you over like a raging desert cruiser in 300 miles an hour. 'Beware the cactus' is a good example of classy instrumental stoner rock that is highly recommended for those who are only in it for the instruments! On track number six 'Crimson eyes' the Italian stallions makes a slightly different set-accession and offers a more traditional mix of "regular" heavy rock, acid rock and QOTSA. With or without the typical desert riffs; this is still well worth the dig!

Lunar Dust ends 'Full moon blues' with the nicely arranged 'Stereotype' which is a perfect ending to this eight of eight album! This time the guys offer a more old school mixture and remind me of the early works of both Dozer, Honcho and Magnified Eye. Just as these dignities this trio manages to place the riffs in the right place and nothing feels dull or mediocre. 'Full moon blues' is bloody good start to this trip and the guys in Lunar Dust have certainly managed to capture my interest. This "beautiful" piece of work will with no doubt end up on my top 10 list of 2011best albums. I hope that the journey does not end here and we'll hear more from these dudes in future!
by Tobias Beament

Track List
01 Firewall
02 Silent Deepness
03 Beware The Cactus
04 And Never Fall Down
05 Mekong Delta
06 Crimson Eyes
07 Heavy Rains
08 Stereotype

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