REVIEW: Desert Storm - Forked Tongues

HeavyRock from the UK
Desert Storm - Forked Tongues

I guess I kind of missed the boat on this band from the UK, seems they are making quite a name for themselves all over the world wide web, and deservedly so. Their 2nd album entitled "Desert Storm" is a riff filled groove orgy of the highest caliber.

The album seems to be split into different musical directions, while still maintaining the "Desert Storm" underneath it all. The first couple tracks "Cosmic Drips" and Ol' Town have a soulful, southern, Clutch vibe to them. The middle portion of the album serves up a more doom-laden Down meets Crowbar gristle.

The title track "Forked Tongues" is a massive punch in the proverbial gut and really shows the metal side of Desert Storm, giving me goose pimples, like Pantera did back in the day. "The Void" shows off Matt Ryan's vocal prowess, sounding a wee-bit like Disturbed's front man David Draiman during the verses. "Connected" is a somber acoustic number that takes you away from the fury for a almost five minutes and is really quite beautiful in its delivery. Rounding out "Forked Tongues" is the track "Pocketwatch" the final track, which takes all these elements that are present before it and puts them all together on one final middle-finger salute.

What we have here is another great album from start to finish. That wears it heart on its sleeve and takes no prisoners. Call it stoner, call it southern, call it metal just don't call it late for dinner.
Reviewed by Adam Walsh

01 Cosmic Drips
02 Ol' Town
03 South We Roll
04 Smokes 'n' Liquor
05 The Jackal
06 Forked Tongues
07 The Void
08 Connected
09 Pocketwatch

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