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StonerRocK from Italy
Stoned Machine - Back To Live In Me

This might satisfy your appetite a bit...

I admit it, I’m a long gone fuzzoholic and the only cure right now is called HUMAN REGRESSION! As one of my friends (Yoda) said: this album is one of the best releases in 2010, I agree with that.

After four years of silence Stoned Machine have returned with a bang!
The new album ‘Human regression’ is at least three times better than the demo release in 2006, much stronger songs, and a heavier sound with lots of fuzzalicious moments.
And most of all; there is 101% Kyuss worshipping enough to be called one of the best cactus jumpers in 2010! It’s always nice when a band liberates in the “right” direction because that is exactly what the Italian Stoned machine has managed to do, without losing one iota of the desert scented riffs.

‘Human regression’ starts its journey with the gigantic ‘Intoxication’ which is closely followed by the even more gigantic ‘Back to live in me’. Both songs makes the desert sand to swirl between your toes, and you cannot be more content than this if you’re into stoner/fuzz/riff/desert rock, or what the hell you wanna call it. The fourth track ‘Bed of sin’ proves once again that these Italian riff champions have done their homework.
‘Bed of sin’ starts off with a typical stoner riff á la Kyuss, followed by a ton of hard-boiled master riffs, in other words; there are plenty of fuzz involved! This gem ends with something that nonetheless makes me think of the intro to War pig (Black Sabbath)!

When I thought the strongest projectiles were fired, Stoned machine hits again!
This time you have to shut up and listen, because the sixth gold nugget ‘Shut up’ is worth every god damn second of your time. Shut up offers you the best in fuzz rock, further description is unnecessary because the dusty road is lined with fragrant cactus flowers here too, and the only word that comes to mind is K... Other goodies to mention is ‘Fire in my hands’ and the title track ‘Human regression’ which also makes it tickles a little extra in the guts. Here you get it all served in just one dish! (Just like everything else on Human regression)

Stoned machine is certainly one of the stoner genre’s wet dreams, which hopefully will spit out many goodies in the future, given to what they have accomplished on ‘Human regression’ it will probably not be any major problems with that. As I said before; this is one of the last year’s best fuzz albums, do yourself a favour... buy... or die!

This machine is not just stoned, but damn hungry too!!!
Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Track List 
01 Intoxication
02 Back To Live In Me
03 If You Can 
04 Bed Of Sin
 05 Ocean  
06 Shut Up
07 Out Of My Way
08 Fire In My Hands
09 Listen To The Wind
10 Human Regression

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