REVIEW: Herba Mate - The Jellyfish Is Dead And The Hurricane Is Coming

StonerRock from Italy
Herba Mate - Aragosta VS Panther

I don't speak enough Italian to understand what's going on in opening track “Machumba,” but once the rock gets going on Track 2, it trickles in at a leisurely pace, going nowhere fast while taking time out to solo.  In fact, the vocals don't kick in until the third song, “Aragosta vs. Panther.”  Their singer's got a gritty, southern rock growl, not really what I'd expected, but still suitable for the band's laid-back stoner style.  (Lyrics are in English, BTW.)

Mind you, there aren't too many vocal passages on this album, which relies heavily on fuzzed-out instro jamming that falls somewhere between Kyuss, OTIS and Earthless.  “Bugs” is a change of pace from the rest of the album, some offbeat percussion and guitar noises leading into a noodly progressive metal-type riff punctuated with some “Aaaahs.”

Perhaps the best moments on said album are a pair of untitled instro jams. Herba Mate is a band at it's best when they just shut up and play.  That being said, album-ender “Sputnik” tends to drag on in its classical-guitar-and-waterfalls namby-pamby shit. Let me qualify that statement by saying Herba Mate is at its best when they shut up and play heavy rock.

Reviewed by Gruesome Greg 

Track List
01 Machumba 
02 Imargem
03 Aragosta VS Panther
04 **
05 Nicotine
06 Bugs
07 1 To 65
08 ***
09 Sputnik

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