REVIEW: Speedblow - Fields Of Doom

Heavy Rock from Greece
Speedblow - Silence Is Breaking

The guys in Speedblow are back with their new assault on the ear hole with "Fields of Doom" a sonic kick to the head, with 11 tracks of classic metal textured with the best of today's scene. "Fields of Doom" is a journey of epic proportions, Recorded at MOTHStudio, in Athens, Greece where the band calls home, it boasts a fabulous production... and let me tell you sounds killer blasting out of my speakers at full volume.

"Fields of Doom" will make all the old school headbangers proud, recalling the speed of Slayer, the melodic side of Iron Maiden, and the gallop of High on Fire with the stoner/doom aesthetic of bands like The Sword and Down. This album has really knocked my socks off! So climb aboard your trusty steed. And sally forth over to their website , to pick up a copy for yourself, or they have the whole thing available for download over at Bandcamp , in either lossless quality FLAC or mp3, along with their first EP, which is also worthy of some praise.

There u can also order it in high quality double vinyl gatefold as well, for all you vinyl nerds out there. It also boasts some tremendously cool and fantastic artwork by Vance Kelly. This very well may be the doom/metal release of the year!!
Reviewed by Adam Walsh

Track List 
01 Visions Of Demise
02 Silence Is Breaking
03 Black Sky
04 Last Of The Fools
05 Lower Ahead
06 As Night Becomes Day
07 Evil Spirits (Of The Mind)
08 Blood Of The Innocent 
09 (Food) For The Wolves
10 Along The Mindfields
11 Doors To Redemption

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