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Rollerball - Tame Existence

Rollerball play 70's blues rock that kicks you right in the face with a riff-shoe big enough for most men to get both feet in. This offering 'Submarine' (aside from having a THE coolest cover art I have ever seen) opens up with a phsychadelariff that reminds me of Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu in the same moment.

One of the difficulties of making yourself appreciated in the steep gradient and transparent world of rock-song creation is making your songs sound cool, interesting and believable at the same time and Mr Boland, supported by one of the tightest rhythm sections heard so far this year and a guitar tone that screams CRANKED TUBE AMP - ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH sings songs of dirt, frustration and anger with a style that suggests he actually did once lose a submarine in an act of theft - that would really fuck me off if it happened to me.

I love their Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden style of guitar / bass interaction (especially on Seasoar and We Always Slide) as this really gives the 70's Early 80's rock vibe a push forward. I was less impressed by the rather pedestrian Tame Existence but was then blown away by the driving relentlessness and palm muted coolness on B-Ray Boogie. I would LOVE to see this song played live at full volume!!!

I was starting to think this record was a bit 'samey' and it then was lulled into a false sense of security by the trippy 'Devil's Reprise' which softened me up for the 'acid in the face from a jealous ex partner' riff hammering that hit me with Run Aground.

This is a cool record, for fuzz tones they sound like they have relied upon a cranked Marshall - I am not sure if they used fuzz anywhere on this record but my ear has been wrong before.

Reviewed by Jon Davis

CD Baby
Track List

01 Devil And the Deep Blue Sea
02 Submarine
03 Seasoar
04 Youth Bailed (Back To Hell)
05 Your Lullaby
06 We Always Slide
07 The Devils Reprise
08 Run Aground
09 Tame Existence
10 B-Ray Boogie
11 Never A Rodeo

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