REVIEW: Gusto - Gusto Ep

StonerRocK from the USA
Gusto - Dealership

The dictionary defines Gusto as "great energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment that is experienced by someone taking part in an activity, especially a performance" and this certainly rings true on this three track CD from this band featuring Dave Dinsmore from Che, Bl'ast and Unida an Alfredo Hernandez who damaged the kit on the last Kyuss and first QOTSA albums.

This may not be the most ground breaking piece of work but it's shot through with enough vibrant energy and attitude to grab the attention. This is largely stoner rock fare with an added dose of punk energy. It bears close resemblance with bands such as Unida and Hermano in its full throttle, four to the floor, heads down riff fuelled charge to the finish. What you get is three tracks with no extra trimming. There are no progtastic time changes, no aimless solos or jamming, no ballads and no bullshit. Each of the three tunes, "Dealership", "Don't Bleed" and "Smart Monkey" is a straight up amped piece of rock and roll fury with a barbed wire voice and a Big Muff underfoot.

Blink, however, and you'll miss it. None of these tracks will have Yes shaking in their over indulgent boots but grab a beer and gun the throttle for it's a short but very sweet ride!!!

Reviewed by Olivier Stygall

Track List 

01 Dealership
02 Dont Bleed
03 Smart Monkey
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