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HeavyRock from Germany
Tankdriver - The Future Bullet

Once again the German panzer divisions roll over Europe ready to complete their mission at any cost. This time you get a quite pleasant trip through the mine fields by a manic tank driver who is determined to blow all obstacles to pieces!

On the debut ep by the German Tankdriver you get a huge portion of unorthodox doom rock with quite catchy vocals. This ep is a good example of innovation in the genre and Tankdriver 'open doors' that (almost) never been opened before and I get the feeling that these three Germans have a lot of different influences in their arsenal.

The first track, 'The future bullet' is the second best song on this 4-tracker of doom and is undeniably a Pentagram fragrant mind blaster that flirts with everything from the heavy 70's. Fuzz laden guitars with melodic vocals and a great chorus which makes me wanna stomp down the church alley. The best gem, 'If anyone believes anything I won't believe a thing at all'. On Tankdriver's debut is a bluesy blend of doom rock and sometimes hard rockish riffs which reminds me of both Pentagram and Pagan Altar, and of course Black Sabbath. Both aurally and musically the band is similar to most of the heavier bands from the 70's and I am truly delighted by the skills of these German doom rockers. This gold nugget is an orgy of sabbathic riffs that literally beats the living shit out of any priest in sight.

Tankdriver ends this journey with Pentagram's 'Forever My Queen' which is one of my favourite songs by these legends. They do a great version of the song and it fits well into Tankdriver's repotoar and puts me in a very good mood. This is a good one and Tankdriver is an angelic upstart, but the ep is to short and I have preferred one or two songs more to be truly satisfied. Next time I hope they release an album so I can get a better overview of what's going inside this Tank. If you are interested of buying it just contact the band or vistit
Reviewed by Tobias Beament


Track List
01. The Future Bullet
02. Train
03. If Anyone Believes Anything I Won't Believe a Thing at All
04. Forever My Queen

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