Review: Mudweiser - Holy Shit

What do you get when you mix Kyuss' desert cake riffs, a fifth of whiskey, one of Lemmy's warts, a pack of filter less cigarettes and bit of Kiss's grease makeup?... It doesn't look real appetizing. But "Holy Shit!!" it sounds awesome. What you have is a muddy MUDWEISER.

The band Mudwieser hails from the south of France, Montpellier to be precise, and from their press release they are "Two Members of "Eyeless", the singer from "Lofofora" + a drummer who just got out of jail", now I've never heard of those two bands before, but by the sounds emanating from my speakers, one gets the impression that these guys mean business. Have lived the life, and take no shit from anyone. Reno's gritty throat shredding voice makes me cringe sometimes, not because it's unpleasant, but because I think he's going to hurt himself!!. At certain moments I get the vision of blood and tendons ripping. Giving Lemmy and Pike a run for their money, with his take on what gravel sounds like through a microphone.

The vocals float real well over the punchy drop-tuned riffs, combining the groove reminiscent of all those great 70's bands back in the day, with the attitude of 80's metal. Plenty of cool sound-byte intros (which I love), giving way to head bobbing and foot stomping, double barreled blues.

This is an excellent debut from a group of musicians that really know what they are doing. And I can't wait to hear what comes next!

This is one is meant to be played loud! With a six pack and a smile!!.

For fans of Clutch, Kyuss, Kiss, Motörhead, and kickin' ass!!!

Reviewed by Adam Walsh

Head Records

Track List

01 My World
02 Dirty Angel
03 Missing In Action
04 Golden Times
05 Hoodoo Man
06 Millstone
07 Elvis Loves Me
08 Bumper Hunter
09 Topless Icon
10 Evil Woman

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