REVIEW: Mother Mars - Primitives

StonerRocK from Australia
Mother Mars - It's So Crazy

Crank this one up really high, let your neighbours bleed.
The debut from these four-piece wizards of oz (Australia) cooks you an high octanic fuzzadelic monster stew including 11 different ingredients.

The album felt right from the start, after a short intro it just blasts off with the track "you are me" and goes on and on... i can tell ya this is retro stoner at it's finest moments, a fresh smell from the 70's fills my nose while listen to it and my ears just love it.
Who needs a "magnetic space plug", or an "flat spare tyre"? (i surely do)...two well played instrumental acts on the album, well i prefer vocals but these guys makes it worth listen to it. "Primitives" delivers tons of pure rock energy, lots of fuzz and this is fun, vivid, fresh. One of my fav songs "it's so crazy" takes no prisoners and grinds right through you. There are even som space rock influences and the track "the voices are back" prooves that mother mars got universal skills at high level.

Mother Mars released their first ep"take the ride" in 2007, not quite as strong as "primitives" but still a very good piece of work and among bands like Kyuss, Dozer, Fu Manchu, Datura, Gas Giant and Nebula these guys fit in just fine. I thought mother earth was the only mother in universe, but nooooo i was wrong... Mars has one too! and she's massive. Bottle up folks, this is party!

One thing bothers me, the album is too short...37 minutes of onslaught is not enough and i'm still hungry. Short or not, "Primitives" will not disappoint you in any way and i consider it being one of the best releases this year.I'm looking forward to hear more from these dudes in future.

Take a seat and enjoy the ride to Mother Mars!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament


Track List

01 Intro
02 You Are Me
 03 It's So Crazy
04 Magneticspaceplug
05 Headless Feeder
06 Reorganising Me Ever-Shrinking Desert
07 Movin' On
08 Flat Spare Tyre
09 The Voices Are Back
10 Vague Memories
11 Intake Mourning
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