REVIEW: Doomraiser - Erasing The Remembrance

Melodic DoomRock from Italy
Doomraiser - Another Black Day Under The Dead Sun

The horns of doom is looming on the horizon and the troops are gathered.It's good against evil and this means war...forward into battle!!!

From the dark side of humanity Doomraiser once again spreading vicious preciptious death.The nightmare continues and the second release 'erasing the remembrance' by the italian dark forces of doom is mindblowing.This is hell on earth and no one can stop this from happening...the angels weep deluge.

First one out on 'erasing the remembrance' is 'Another black day under the dead sun',a loose cannon that crushes the 10-minutes barrier in one.Except for splendid riffings and great vocals some violin and flute are included,which increase the song further.Doomraiser slaughter on with 'The raven',black and ominous,anxious and moaning,i hardly think it gets more uglier than this.'The raven' gets under your skin and rip your heart out,the vocals reminds me of Glenn Danzig,not all of it,some parts are rougher and more depraved.

The second release is in a way darker and more gloomier than the previous 'Lords of mercy' and feels more prepared.You get shit loads of heavy unholyness and even some psychedelic and 'old school' metal influences are included in this well carved masterpiece.If you prefer something more crunchier with you margueritas than the average metal bands Doomraiser is the perfect match.

The fifth track'Vanitas' is monstrous,one of the high lights for sure.You get over 15 minutes of pure devastating doom metal on this gem and the italian stallions gives you a treatment you late will forget, and i asure you they create true misery.Seven well performed works in 59 minutes is more than enough to scare away all the joy you might get in life...

Drink fast and play slow!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Blood Rock Records
Black Widow Records

Track List

01 Pachidermic Ritual (Intro)
02 Another Black Day Under The Dead Sun
03 The Raven
04 C.O.V. (Oblivion)
05 Vanitas
06 Head Of The River
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