REVIEW: Bastardo - Skip the Present

StonerRocK from Germany

Wow! Once again the German tanks rolls over the world and this time they're loaded with belly punching fuzz bombs!

After just one demo in 2006 Bastardo from Marburg, Germany releases "Skip the Present", a man eating steel shark that cuts right thru you leaving nothing behind.

The album "Skip the Present" kicks off with gorgeous Belladonna, a perfect mix of Kyuss and Dozer which makes me wanna stage dive from my kitchen table and throw my television set out of the window. These Germans practice high quality stoner rock with lots of heaviness, lots of cool riffing, and on top of that a good singer.

Tracks like Saint, Scarscraper and Hell A, makes "Skip the Present" worth every penny. Melancholy fills my body while listen to New Day Dawning, Bastardo's instrumental contribution to the album, a beautiful piece that literally grabs me by the hands and leads me to the valley of sadness.

Bastardo may be a Kyuss clone but who cares, these ass kicking "Kaisers" of fuzz know how to do it the right way. The band has matured a lot since their first demo and with "Skip the Present" in mind they will reach the high mountains.
Hail to Germany!

Nine tracks and 41 minutes of fuzz rock indoctrination is what you get And I assure you, buying this album is not a failure.

Reviewed by Tobias Beament


Track List

01 Belladonna
02 Under Glass
03 Saint
04 New Day Dawning
05 43
06 Scarscraper
07 Hell A.
08 Sky Dive
09 The Bottom Line

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