DEMOLAND: Spacecharge

StonerRocK from the USA
Spacecharge - Critical Density

Spacecharge are not trying to re-invent the wheel ,Spacecharge is oblivious to trends or what is "in". This is a group of rough around the edges, knuckle dragging neanderthals. The worship of the riff is the daily bread.

Formed in the summer 2008, with one goal in mind, Play riffs loud and with a mean spirit. Spacecharge quickly hit the ground running and started getting gigs with some of the best local and regional stoner/doom/metal bands. It's a group of guys who love to play, for the fun to no one, or to a packed house swilling cheap beer. This is "rust belt doom", where the cars rust quicker, the water burns brighter, and the corn grows taller.

The guys were all friends before starting the band which made the process a quick and easy task. With the demo release, word is catching on and Spacecharge is gathering speed, headed for the dark skies of the universe.


Track List

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