DEMOLAND: Flatware

GrungeRock from Spain
Flatware - Flawed Pure World

Flatware could be compare like an explosion of a supernova, expansion and compaction, destruction and creation death and life at the same time. This supernova was formed in 2006 after the project "asshole" (since 2004) came to an end. With an renewed energy, pure, forceful and destructive, like a phoenix, we emerged from our own ashes.

During all this time we've taken our music all over Catalonia and some concert outside. We have shared the stage with groups like: Berri Txarrak , Proudz, Fun Lovin Criminals, Orishas, Jamiroquai, Psilicon Flesh and many more.

We assure a forceful, energetic and explosive live. We are not nothing more than tools to feed up with our art.

Track List

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